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About Sandy DiMinno

This website is designed to share my husband's story and what this has done to us as a family. It is filled with hope, love, frustration, depression, and all the emotions that go along with a catastrophic illness. It is also designed to share what I have learned and how to be a full time caregiver for another adult. It will also share information on Medical care, post recovery physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy; the ups and downs of insurance; hospital bills, and learning more about TBI an Aneurysms than one would ever want to know. My goal is to provide support, information and resources to all those in need of learning more about TBI, Aneurysm and caregiving.

9 Years Post Aneurysm 6/11/11

God made the Earth round so that we would never be able to see too far down the road.

-Out of Africa, Isak Dinesen (Karen von Blixen)

I really like this quote from the movie and the book. It is so fitting to all things that happen in life, as you don’t want to be able […]

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2019 The Best Advice I Can Give….

Expect the best, plan for the worst and be prepared to be surprised.  – Denis Waitley

Samantha and I have a saying, when nothing goes Right, Go Left.  That has guided us these past 8 years.   I admit, I have expected the best of things, I have been disappointed, I have planned for the […]

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Give The Ones You Love Wings to Fly

6 years post injury, Graduation, Those Three Words and College


This year in June marked several milestones. 6 years since Toms injury.   Graduation from High School for Samantha, turning 18 and then off to college.  Also, those three words no one wants to hear:  “You’ve got Cancer”.

Lets begin with an update on Tom.  We […]

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5 Years

June 13, 2011-2016.  Five years ….

5 years ago today, Tom fought the fight of his life.  After suffering an aneurysm, and heart attack, Tom lay in the ICU at Palomar Medical Center in a coma.  Doctors worked their magic and beyond all odds, and beyond anyone’s belief, Tom did survive.  Thanks mostly to his […]

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Walk With Me….

Today I did something that I didn’t think I would be doing this early in my life.  I visited several short and long term memory care facilities.  My goal has always been to make Tom’s life and our life as”normal” and as best as it can be.  I also know that I […]

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End of Summer

I haven’t been too consistent of blogging this summer….seems that it just passed us by so quickly.  Now, it is back to school again.  Sam turned 16, is staring her junior year of high school.  Hard to believe the summer has now passed and we are on to the school schedule.   Tom, Sam and […]

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Four Years: June 13, 2011-June 13, 2015

I must say, it is sure hard to believe it has been 4 years since that dreadful day when Tom suffered his aneurysm.  I think about that day regularly.  Certainly every day, when I get Tom up to start his day and he asks me “where are we?”.  And asks, “where is the bathroom?” […]

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You don’t always win your battles, but it is good to know you fought. ~Lauren Bacall

You don’t always win your battles, but it is good to know you fought . ~Lauren Bacall


Our long and stressful legal battle is coming to a close this week. I hope. We still have plenty of legal paperwork to get completed and with the help of our persistent attorney, we hope to bring this […]

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Only Three Things Matter….

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


I have take some time off from writing. It has been busy, with travel, holidays, and working through new medications for Tom.  It is a combination cocktail all […]

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Staying in the Game

This past month I was fortunate to have help at home with Tom and Samantha to take a trip to Scotland for business.  It was a welcome opportunity to take some much needed time off from the daily care.  I have never been to Scotland and I was looking forward to visiting.  It was […]

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